Dr.Thamrongsin Siripongsakul
Director of International Program in Materials Engineering

Dr. Thamrongsin Siripongsakul graduated with a bachelor's, a master's, and a doctoral degree from Tohoku University (One of the top two universities for materials engineering in Japan, according to QS World University Ranking 2013),
and has experience working in a quality control department as an engineer at Seiko Epson Japan. His present research is about advanced electronic materials.

I’ve always been asked “why materials engineering?”, so I would like to share my experiences from when I worked as a materials engineer in Japan. I was responsible for products called resonators and filters, which are electronic parts used in the frequency range of 200 MHz to 3 GHz. These products were applied in sensor systems and wireless communication systems such as mobile phones, keyless entries, microwave filters and so on. My major role was to increase the efficiency of the production line where I tried revising the design of the product, which resulted in reduction of the manufacturing process. This achievement would have been more difficult without understanding how the product works. Resonators and filters are innovations using quartz, which is well-known for its application in clocks or watches. By applying electricity, they work by vibrating with an intense specific frequency. This property is obtained precisely due to the ordered arrangement of molecular structure of the single crystal quartz. I also took part in developing single crystal lithium-tantalate based filters with Japanese senior engineers. Such experiences objectify the viewpoint of science and engineering, particularly with regards to how innovations are dependent on materials engineering. There are abundant innovations and research topics, so education in materials engineering is important for the future of our society in both national and global contexts.

About the international program: Our lecturers, including foreign lecturers, are experts in various fields of materials engineering and science. It is a great pleasure to welcome prospective students who are interested in science and technology to begin their academic path here and gain mastery of engineering.