Puwit Rattanadit (P’ Nior)
Undergraduate in materials engineering

Educational background
Grade 3-5 Elliott elementary school, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
Grade 6-8 Lefler middle school, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
Grade 9 Southeast high school, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
Grade 10-12 Suankulab college, Rangsit

The reason that I chose this program is because in Thailand there are not many colleges that teach this program.
The Thai and foreign professors have high education degrees, which most of them graduated from well-known universities around the world. I also noticed that how at this university most if not almost all the students who graduated have jobs from great companies, that really attracted me. This shows the quality of this department and the professors. I was also pleased with how the teachers and the old colleagues took care of me. It made me feel like I was a part of this department for a long time. I was also really impressed with the teaching here. All of our presentations have to be in English and the teachers also forced us to speak English in class which really helped me improve my English and my communication skills. So I would like to recommend this department for the upcoming high school graduates.”